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Most of us Pakistanis know how addictive are the Imran Series by the famous Mazhar Kaleem. I read his first novel when I was in 3rd grade and I am still reading. I have collected a large number of series over the years and am sharing for people like me. Consider it like our local libraries where you get to read one Imran Series for 1 rupee per day. Just that, instead of 1 rupee, you can pay in comments here.

All credit goes to Mazhar Kaleem MA. If you like his work, be sure to buy a copy so that you can keep it with you all the time and can read it whenever you like. There is nothing like reading actual book. But for those sticking to 1 rupee library, there you go.

Here is my collection of Imran Series. Please leave a comment if you like it or want to say anything or any of the link doesn’t work.

Note that I don’t have all the novels. Don’t ask me about something I don’t have. If/When I get a new novel, it will be added here but no requests please.

001-Maka Zonga by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
002-Sabolate Aagar by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
003-Double White by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
004-Shogi Pama by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
005-Kaya Palat by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
006-Bejurm Mujram by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
007-Blue Eye by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
008-Ankana 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
009-Ankana 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
010-Weather Boss 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
010-Weather Boss 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
012-Fohag International by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
014-Hara Kari 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
015-Hara Kari 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
016-Black Feether by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
017-Dashing 3 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
018-Aika Baan by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
019-SILVER GIRL 1.pdf
020-Silver Girl 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
021-Basashi 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
022-Madam Basashi by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
023-Dog Rays 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
024-Dog Rays 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
025-Ganja Bhikari By Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
026-Escape Grey.pdf
027-Prince Vanchal by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
028-Operation Sandwich 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
029-Sandwich Plan 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
030-X2 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
030-X2 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
031-Shalmaak 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
032-Super Operation 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
034-Bagop 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
035-Death Mission Part-II by Mazhar kaleem.pdf
037-Calender Killer by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
038-Ladies Secret Service by Mazhar kaleem.pdf
039-Action Agency.pdf
039-Blue Film by Mazhar kaleem.pdf
040-KB-TopMission Part 1.pdf
040-Operation Dessert One by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
041-Black Prince by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
041-KB-Top Mission Part2.pdf
042-Rascals King by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
043-Naqabal-E-Taskheer Mujram 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
044-KB-Dus Crore Mein Do Shetan.pdf
044-Maut Ka Raqs by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
045-KB-Casper_rays_High Quality.pdf
045-Zinda Saaye by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
046-Imran Ki Moat by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
046-KB-Armous Prohit.pdf
047-KB-Hard Agency 1.pdf
047-KB-Hard Agency 2.pdf
047-Rangeen Moat 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
048-Danger Gang by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
049-Dehshat Gard 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
050 -Bloody Syndicate.pdf
050-Matharrak Moat 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
051-Lady Eagles.pdf
051-Red Medosa 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
052-Mout Ka Jaal (Lady Eagels Part 2).pdf
052-Red Medosa 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
053-Cross Club by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
054-Fast Action 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.PDF
055-Anari Mujrim.pdf
055-Fast Action 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.PDF
056-Kaghazee Qiyamat-1.pdf
057-Kaghazee Qiyamat-2.pdf
062-Topaz 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
063-Yaqeeni Moat 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
066-Ghaddar Juila by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
067-68-Karawan E Dehshaat 1-2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
069-Jialaay Jasoos by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
069-Jiyalay Jasoos 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
069-Top Rock.pdf
072-Star Track Part 1.pdf
072-Star Track Part 2.pdf
074-Adhoora Formula.pdf
075-Mout Ka Daira.pdf
078-Banky Mujram by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
078-Red Chief.pdf
081-Juliana Fight Group 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
082-Juliana Fight Group 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
085-Jawana In Action 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
086-Jawana In Action 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
088-Great Fight.pdf
089-Little Devils.pdf
090-Face of Death 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
091-Face of Death 2 by Mazhar kaleem.pdf
092-Black Death 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
093-Black Death 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
093-Lady Sunderta.pdf
094-Hot Knot 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
094-Hot Knot 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
097-Death Circle by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
098-Trinch Fire by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
099-Shooting Power by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
100-Dark Club by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
101-Halqa-E-Maut 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
101-lady killers.pdf
102-Halqa-E-Maut 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
103-Way To Action 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
104-Way To Action 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
105-Top Target by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
105-one man show.pdf
106-Ladies Mission Part 1.pdf
106-Ladies Mission Part 2(a).pdf
106-Ladies Mission Part 2(b).pdf
106-Lancer 5-1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
106-Lancer 5-2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
107-Agent from PowerLand by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
112-Death Group By Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
115-Silver Hands.pdf
116-Adventure Mission.pdf
117-Red Power by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
119-Juliana Top Action by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
120-Challenge Mission by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
120-Red Point.pdf
121-Pressure Lock by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
122-Tight Plan Part 1.pdf
122-Tight Plan Part 2.pdf
123-Dashing agent .pdf
124-Foul Play.pdf
125-Zero Over Zero 1-2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
126-Camp Fight.pdf
126-Super Agent Safdar.pdf
127-Birth Stone.pdf
127-Blood Hounds By Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
128-Easy Mission by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
129-Light House by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
129-Top Prize.pdf
131-Four Corners Part 2.pdf
135-Re Bite 1-2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
136-Dogo Fighters.pdf
136-Jasoos-e-Azam Part 1.pdf
136-Jasoos-e-Azam Part 2.pdf
136-Jasoos-e-Azam Part 3.pdf
137-Secret Heart.pdf
138-Alert Camp 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
138-Alert Camp 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
139-Action Group Part 1.pdf
139-Action Group Part 2.pdf
141-Inventory Grip 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
141-Inventory Grip 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
142-Black Thunder by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
145-Wood King by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
149-Water Power 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
150-Great Ball 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
151-Flaster Project.pdf
151-Great Victory 3 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
152-Black Pagos 4 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
155-Hallow Wall Part 1.pdf
155-Hallow Wall Part 2.pdf
156-Sarto Mission Part 1.pdf
156-Sarto Mission Part 2.pdf
157-Barki by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
159-Special Plan by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
161-Blood Rays 1-2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
162-Black Agents by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
163-Hali Kat by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
165-Red Dot by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
166-Last Round.pdf
166-Logasa Mission by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
167-Last Fight 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
167-Last Fight 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
167-Third Force Part 2.pdf
168-FyLand Part 1.pdf
168-FyLand Part 2.pdf
171-Cross Mission Part 1.pdf
171-Cross Mission Part 2.pdf
171-Hard Mission.pdf
173-disturction plan.pdf
174-Super Mind Agent 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
174-Super Mind Agent 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
174-black hound.pdf
176-Bright Stone by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
177-Black Hills Part 1.pdf
177-Black Hills Part 2.pdf
178-Tatar Daggers Part 1.pdf
178-Tatar Daggers Part 2.pdf
178-Texat 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
178-Texat 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
179-Jim Might by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
179-Snake Circle Part1.pdf
179-Snake Circle Part2.pdf
180-Black strip.pdf
180-Long Fight 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
180-Long Fight 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
181-Big Boss 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
181-Big Boss 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
181-Black Agents by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
182-Bogano 1 by Mazhar kaleem.pdf
182-Bogano 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
184-Third Force 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
186-Sankara Part 2.pdf
186-Zero Blaster by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
187-Bloody Game by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
189-S S Project 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
189-S S Project 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
190-Open Close 1a.pdf
190-Open Close 1b.pdf
190-Open Close 2.pdf
194-kakana Island.pdf
195-Golden Agent Part 1.pdf
195-Golden Agent Part 2.pdf
196-Golden Agent in Action Part 1.pdf
196-Golden Agent in Action Part 2.pdf
199-Hot Field 1-2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
200-Hot Spot 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
200-Hot Spot 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
200-Special Section.pdf
201-Hot Fight 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
201-Hot Fight 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
202-Saqaab Project 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
202-Saqaab Project 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
204-Misaali Duniya.pdf
205-Fighting Mission Part 1.pdf
205-Fighting Mission Part 2.pdf
205-Red Ring By Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
206-Blind Atack 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
206-Dog Crime.pdf
208-Black World 1-2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
209-Saffak Mujrim.pdf
211-Death Quick.pdf
213-Four Stars 1-2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
214-Code Walk 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
214-Code Walk 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
219-Double Game 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
219-Double Game 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
220-Fink Syndicate 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
220-Fink Syndicate 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
223-Dushmun Julia by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
224-Zig Zag Mission 1-2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
225-Diamond Powder Part 1.pdf
225-Diamond Powder Part 2.pdf
226-Red Craft by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
228-Green Death Part 1.pdf
228-Green Death Part 2.pdf
229-Tower Section 1-2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
230-Long Bird Complex 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
230-Long Bird Complex 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
230-Makrooh Jurm.pdf
231-Long Bird Sealed Complex 3 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
231-Long Bird Sealed Complex 4 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
232-Base Camp.pdf
232-Blasting Station.pdf
233-Sasic Centre 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
233-Sasic Centre 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
233-Sasic Centre.pdf
234-Red Zero Agency.pdf
235-Last UpSet 1-2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
237-Death Rays-opt.pdf
237-Prince Kachan 1 By Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
237-Prince Kachan 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
238-Rozi Rascal by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
240-Imran Ka Aghwa 1 - 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
241-Spargo Complete by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
241-Spargo Complete.pdf
246-Dark Eye Part 2.pdf
246-Dark Eye Part1.pdf
246-Power Agent Part 2.pdf
248-Dark Mission 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
250-Zaheen Agent by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
252-J.S.P. 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
252-J.S.P. 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
253-Jinnati Duniya by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
255-Golden Spot 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
255-Golden Spot 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
256-Grass Dam 1-2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
256-Makrooh chahray.pdf
258-Double Mission 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
258-Faban Society Part 1.pdf
258-Faban Society Part 2.pdf
259-Shedog 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
259-Shedog 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
260-Shedog headquater 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
260-Shedog headquater 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
260-Smart Mission.pdf
266-vilagu 1.pdf
267- Black Arrow.pdf
267-Agrosan by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
268-Cosmic Star 1-2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
269-Red Army 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
269-Red Army 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
269-Red Army by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
270-Red Army Network 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
270-Red Army Network 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
271-Red Flag by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
273-Special Mission Part 1.pdf
273-Special Mission Part 2.pdf
274-Crown Agency by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
276-Last Moment by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
277-Super Fast Mission by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
278-Foriegn Group.pdf
278-Super Master Group by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
279-Makarto Syndicate.pdf
279-Thread Ball Mission by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
280-Fort Dam by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
281-Fuogi Task by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
282-Hanging Death by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
286-Black Hawks 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
286-Black Hawks 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
287-Power Squad Part 1.pdf
287-Power Squad Part 2.pdf
291-Black Mask by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
292-C Top by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
293-Water Missile by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
293-Water Missile.pdf
294-Target Mission by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
297-Karkas Point by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
298-Flower Syndicate by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
299-Taroot 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
299-Taroot 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
300-High Victory by Mazhar kaleem.pdf
300-High Victory.pdf
301-Final Fight by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
301-Final Fight.pdf
302-Bright Eye.pdf
305-Sagaan Mission 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
306-XV File 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
307-K.G.B. Headquarter 3 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
307-Red Top 4 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
308-Taaraak by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
309-Double Lock by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
310-Torson Agency by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
311-Large View Project 1-2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
312-Soft Mission 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
313-Hard Re Back 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
315-Muslim Currency 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
315-Muslim Currency 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
316-Cat Rat Game 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
316-Cat Rat Game 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
317-Suspense Game 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
317-Suspense Game 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
318-Mamar by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
320-Star Mission by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
321-Last Warning by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
322-White Shadow by Mazhar Kaleem MA.pdf
322-White Shadow by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
323-S Three by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
324-Shooter by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
325-Black Thunder Section 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
325-Black Thunder Section 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
326-Swana by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
327-Cotton Seed by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
328-Hot Rays by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
329-Domnaai by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
331-Big Challenge 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
331-Big Challenge 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
332-Great Mission 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
332-Great Mission 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
333-Zero Mission by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
334-Red Circle by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
335-Mind Blaster 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
335-Mind Blaster 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
336-Crossing Arrow by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
337-Last Trap by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
338-Mahaa Pursh 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
338-Mahaa Pursh 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
339-Kasham by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
340-Maria Section 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
340-Maria Section 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
340-Tarantola Part 1.pdf
340-Tarantola Part 2.pdf
341-Black Fighters by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
341-Hard Fight.pdf
342-Danger Land.pdf
342-Mushkbaari Code by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
343-Sandey Zoom by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
343-Stocks Part 1.pdf
343-Stocks Part 2.pdf
343-Zero Blaster by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
344-Capital Agency by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
344-Top Secret Mission.pdf
345-Prince Shama by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
346-Business Crime by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
347-Mission Saggor by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
348-Gleri Seedia by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
349-Blue Code Book 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
349-Blue Code Book 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
350-Big Dam by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
351-Sagram Mission by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
352-Dodging Mission by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
353-Beggars Mafia by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
354-Free Soks by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
355-Chief Agent 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
355-Chief Agent 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
356-Dark Face by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
357-Rozi Rascal Mission 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
357-Rozi Rascal Mission 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
357-Rozi Rascal Mission 3 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
358-Devils Pearl by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
359-Secret Centre by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
360-Blind Mission by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
361-Blue Hawks 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
362-Tiger In Action 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
362-Tiger In Action 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
363-Saarj Agency.pdf
364-Saarj Headquarter.pdf
365-Target Imran by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
366-Black Head by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
367-Winning Party by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
368-Blue Bird Group by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
369-Group Fighting by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
370-Black Scarb 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
370-Black Scarb 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
372-Hawk Eye 1 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
372-Hawk Eye 2 by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
373-Danger Group Chao by Mazhar kaleem.pdf
374-Fast Mission by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
375-One To One.pdf
377-Special Station.pdf
378-Jewish Power.pdf
379-Multi Mission.pdf
380-Two In One by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
381-Golden Cross by Mazhar Kaleem.pdf
391-Golden Kolook.pdf

A real HAPPY Birthday…

   Posted by: AK

Yes, I am another year older. Short of another year in my life. This day, for the year ended last night, I am very very thankful to God. like always, He has blessed me and my family so much this year as well. However, when I look at this past year, I feel overwhelmed by the blessings I had.

It was this year when my belief got stronger than ever before. My faith in Allah and recognition for his unconditional and utmost blessings on a bad bad muslim like me, my love for Prophet (SAW) and his beloved family, my relation with my Murshed Pak and my belief in his assistance and guidance towards recognizing myself and my religion.

It was February this year when we had the worst snow storm in Gaithersburg. Then it was a hard moment when  I made the mistake of doubting in Allah’s blessings due to my corrupted mind and He responded in the most unexpected way. May Allah forgive me for my mistakes and keep his blessings on me.

Immediately after that, it was the time when during my visit to Pakistan, I was able to fulfill the long awaited wish of my wife. Not to mention that it has already become my wish as well but credit is still hers. Finally we were able fulfill our wish to pay a very humble tribute to our Murshed Pak by Allah’s blessings.

By Allah’s blessings and then by continuous support of our Murshed Pak through his advises and prayers, when I returned from Pakistan, I finally got a job that I wanted in a company that I wanted. Joining Citrix was a great thing, and then joining probably the best team available. I had no idea that I am going to like a team this much again. It’s true that I’ve always been blessed by having best teams in all my companies, but Citrix being biggest company in my career, I feel really good about it. I have a Cuban manager, a Russian team lead, a Chinese dev lead (now a Belge). In my team, I have people from all over the globe. Apart from all being very talented and supportive, they all make a real good friend. The kind that you can talk to and trust about any of your problem.

Another good thing about Citrix and coming to Florida was my exposure and relation to all other kind of muslims that I hardly met before. I have Syrian neighbors, prayed mostly in Egyptian lead mosque and have miuslim co-workers from Arab region as well as India and Pakistan. Also, this has been the first time that I’ve been this close to muslims from different classes and ideologies. When we pray even at work, in same prayer it’s a combination of deoband hanafis, ghair muqallids, shafiis and barelvis. Barelvi being me as per other’s blv but I don’t classify myself as Barelvi. It is true that none of us discuss the ideological differences a lot except me and my ghair muqallid friend.

About that ghair muqallid friend, he’s one of the best things happened to me at this company. Not only because he had helped me a lot in worldly matters, but also because of his “curiosity”. He like to question me a lot. To him, lot of my practices either end up on shirk or not good islamic practices. However, by grace of Allah and then by help and prayers or my Murshed Pak, the more he questions and sometimes really “forces” me to get deep into things,  more my beliefs get clear and firm. I thank Allah for giving me this blessing in disguise. Honestly, I was never more clear about my beliefs in my life than now. May Allah keep me on right path and guide him. We differ a lot, discuss a lot, but most of the time we end up agreeing to disagree. Which is a good thing I guess. May Allah bless him and his family. Allah alone has the power to guide me or anybody else.

Coming back to the year past, I am most thankful to Allah for making me capable enough to take care of my mother’s wish. A wish that every muslim has in heart. To visit house of God and resting place of Prophet (SAW). My mother has finally performed her first hajj few days back. She, with my mother in law and my father, are now close to visiting the holy city of Madinah. InshAllah, there will be a day when I’ll be going there too. Till then, I am very happy and contented that my mother has been there and done that Smile

At this time of happiness, when we celebrated eid just few days ago and my parents performed Hajj, we had a really tough time as well. My brother got dengue fever, got admitted to hospital. It got worse when he developed brain swelling and lost his senses and control over his body. While continuously praying to God and seeking help of Murshed Pak in this most difficult time, there was not a single moment when any of us lost hope. He was in ICU, my parent were praying in Holy Kaaba, Our Murshed Pak seeking spiritual guidance for him and prayed in Astana Pak of Syed Ali Hussaini (RA), My sisters, cousins and whole family including us were reciting darood-e-paak and ayat-e-karima and everything while praying to Allah for him. Doctors had mentioned that medicine he is getting will reach and effect to recover his brain in 3 days and then he’ll be conscious again. Sarkar G told us not to worry and consoled us that he is going to be alright. That was the time, when my cousin took the water of Wudhu of Sarkar G (our Murshed Pak) and put few drops on his head. By the grace of Allah, it worked miraculously and he was conscious in no time. They kept putting drops of that water on his body and head and whole staff was amazed on his recovery including the neural surgeon and main doctors of ICU. When they were expecting him to regain conscious in 3 days, he was actually recovered and discharged after 3 days. Indeed Allah has his blessings on us and has helped us through the time of great difficulty. He is the one providing means for his blessings and keeping us patient in hard times and thankful in good times. May Allah protect everybody from any difficulty in the sadaqa of his beloved Messenger (SAW).

Truly, having my brother back at home (still far away for me), makes this birthday really happy along with all other blessings I’ve had whole year.

I pray for more blessings in coming year, not just for me but for every muslim and every human.


Kis duniya ka Islam hai yeh

   Posted by: AK

Dedicated to any wild animal who labels himself as human and then as Muslim. Any bloody murderer who kills any innocent Muslim or non Muslim and then justifies that Islam taught him to do so. I hate you all. You are not even human and Islam is not even close to you.

I am so hurt. I am hurt for all the pain of innocent humans specifically in my country and at all the places in all the world wherever they are killed/suffered for whatever reason and people doing so called themselves proud Muslims.

I do complain when a non muslim does something terrible. But they are not on the right path. They are not Muslims. But when people do the killings and they are Muslim, it hurts me and my really great and peaceful religion really bad.

~*~ Kis duniya ka Islam hai yeh~*~

Mein kehta hoon insaan nahin
jo khud ko muslim kehte hein
jo kufr mitaney nikle hein
per qatl jo deen ko kerte hein

kya aurat, bachey, bazurg, jawan
nahin dikhte aqal ke maron ko
parhen kalma Nabi pyaarey ka
phir maaren Nabi k pyaaron ko

Islam to hai bas utna sa
k jitna inko suit kiya
dil kiya to jhooti shahadat di
dil kiya to sach ko jhoot kiya

Qaran uthaey hathon mein
aur sar pe sharaa ka parcham hai
eemaan dilon mein ho na ho
bandooq ki goli mein dum hai

jab chaha mimbar loot liye
jab chaha nimazi maar diyey
jab chaha school kiyey veeran
jab chaha baagh ujaar diyey

Per yeh to hamesha haq per hein
jisey yeh maren, taaweel buhut
woh muslim ho ya na muslim
hai inkey paas daleel buhut

aur kaun inhen samjhaye ga
in jhootey numberdaaron ko
Eemaan se khali roohon ko
eemaan ke thekedaron ko

Islam hai deen muhabbat ka
jisey nafrat mein rung daala hai
jiss deen ka tum dam bharte ho
uss deen ka naam uchhala hai

nasamjho, qatl-e-aam hai yeh
diya tum ne naam ibadat ka
tum maasoomon ki jaan bhi lo
aur rakho azm shahadat ka?

kya isko samajhna mushkil hai?
kitna seedha qanoon hai yeh.
ik jaan bhi nahaq li tum ne
to kul insaan ka khoon hai yeh

Aur tum ne kisko nahin mara
aur kiska lehaz yahan baqi
jab khoon baha ker sajde kiye
to rahi nimaz kahan baqi

jo lin tum ne, jo leni hein
kya qeemat hai un janon ki
bas Laanat hai tum logon per
hai laanat sab insaanon ki

I have not updated this blog in a long time but I feel myself forced to write today as I think not sharing this experience will be a huge mistake of keeping an experience really great and beautiful hidden from the world.

This happened to me (Abubakar A. Khaliq) directly and it was just the evening before yesterday. Here goes the true incident.

We had worst snow storm in DC metro area (Gaithersburg) on weekend and it continued through Wednesday, till Thursday morning. I went to work on Thursday and while leaving from work my wife called me telling that we don’t have enough milk at home for my 20 months old Kid, Armaghan Ali. I asked my co-worker John to stop at Grocery store before he drops me at my home. When I reached the grocery store, It was almost empty. There was NO MILK OF ANY KIND. I called my wife, telling her that they don’t have milk, and she told me that remaining milk may work for tonight hardly. I could feel in her voice that situation is even worse. But I could not do anything since there was 5 feet snow every where and I had ride to home only, that too because of John. I was HELPLESS, and to a great extent hopeless.

In the way, I thought about an email that my father (M. A. Khaliq) sent me last year. Then I spoke to myself “but that was just an email”. Then I thought, only if that could happen for me today . Yes, I practically had not a fragment of doubt that something will be happening like the one mentioned in that email. So I made up my mind to call Nitin, another fellow and friend, next day and ask him to drop some milk at home around lunch time=.

I came home, I said my wife that let me change then I’ll tell you about my plan for tomorrow’s milk. I was heading to change my dress when door knocked. It was my neighbor, Javed Iqbal, having a gallon of milk and bread at my door telling me that he just thought about bringing those for us because of weather. I was SHOCKED. I couldn’t think or speak of anything and I had tears in my eyes. I thanked him and My heart was thanking Allah, submitting to his powers and greatness.

I don’t know the story of Javed Iqbal that why and how he brought the milk. But really, you should read the below email which was sent to me last year and I considered it just another email.

May Allah keep you all safe.

Here is that email


Allah listens to our prayers. A nice story testing FAITH -.

A young man had been to Wednesday Night Class of Quranic Studies.
The Muslim (Scholar) had shared about listening to Allah and obeying
Allah through intuition.
The young man couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Does Allah still speak to

people through intuition?’

After Lessons, he went out with some friends for coffee and pie and
they discussed the message. Several different ones talked about how
Allah had led them in different ways and that at the end you’ll know it
was Allah

(SWT) Who h as directed you.

It was about ten o’clock when the young man started driving home.
Sitting in his car, he just began to pray, ‘Allah…If you still speak
to people, speak to me. I will listen. I will do my best to obey.’

As he drove down the main street of his town, he had the strangest
thought to stop and buy a gallon of milk.  He shook his head and said
out loud, ‘Allah is that you?’ He didn’t get a reply and started on
toward home.  But again, the thought, buy a gallon of milk came into
his head. ‘Okay, Allah, in case that is you, I will buy the milk.’ It
didn’t seem like too hard a test of obedience. He could always use the
milk. He stopped and purchased the gallon of milk and started off toward home.

As he passed Seventh Street, he again felt the urge, ‘Turn Down that
street.’ This is crazy he thought, and drove on past the intersection.
Again, he felt that he should turn down Seventh Street. At the next
intersection, he turned back and headed down Seventh. Half jokingly, he
said out loud, ‘Okay, Allah, I will.’

He drove several blocks, when suddenly, he felt like he should stop. He
pulled over to the curb and looked around. He was in a semi-commercial
area of town. It wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst of
neighborhoods either. The businesses were closed and most of the houses
looked dark like the people were already in bed.

Again, he sensed something, ‘Go and give the milk to the people in the
house across the street.’ The young man looked at the house. It was
dark and it looked like the people were either gone or they were already asleep.

He started to open the door and then sat back in the car seat. ‘Allah,
this is insane. Those people are asleep and if I wake them up, they are
going to be mad and I will look stupid.’ Again, he felt like he should
go and give the milk.

Finally, he opened the door, ‘Okay Allah (SWT), if this is you, I will
go to the door and I will give them the milk. If you want me to look
like a crazy person, okay. I want to be obedient. I guess that will
count for something, but if they don’t answer right away, I am out of here.’

He walked across the street and rang the bell. He could hear some noise
inside. A man’s voice yelled out, ‘Who is it? What do you want?’ Then
the door opened before the young man could get away.

The man was standing there in his jeans and T-shirt. He looked like he
just got out of bed. He had a strange look on his face and he didn’t
seem too happy to have some stranger standing on his doorstep.
‘What is it?’

The young man thrust out the gallon of milk, ‘Here, I brought this to you.’
The man took the milk and rushed down a hallway. Then from down the
hall came a woman carrying the milk toward the kitchen. The man was
following her holding a baby. The baby was crying. The man had tears
streaming down his face.  The man began speaking and half crying, ‘We were just praying.
We had some big bills this month and we ran out of money. We didn’t
have any milk for our baby. I was just praying and asking Allah (SWT)
to show me how to get some milk.’

His wife in the kitchen yelled out, ‘I ask him to send an Angel with
some milk.  Are you an Angel?’

The young man reached into his wallet and pulled out all the money he
had on him and put in the man’s hand. He turned and walked back toward
his car and the tears were streaming down his face.
He knew that Allah (SWT) still answers prayers.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that Allah (SWT) asks us to do, that
Enable us to understand His words clearer and better than ever.
Please listen, and obey!


Yesterday was the Annual Muslim Family Day in USA announced by ISNA/ICNA. All over the US, they reserved “Six Flags America” theme parks solely for muslims and made tickets available to all muslim brothers and sisters through Islamic centers, Islamic schools and Halal grocery and superstores….

I thought that maybe this is a good time for me and my family to get together with muslims of USA and know them more. So we decided to go :)

Saturday morning was heavily clouded and as expected, it started pouring around mid-day. That was the time when we are waiting for our last bus on the route. Talking about the route, not having a car is always a pain. This time, it involved a bus, a train, another train and then another bus.

When we reached SFA at Bowie, it was already raining. Rushing towards entrance, trying to get least effected by rain, we couldn’t help noticing the large number of people already there and still coming. I don’t think I saw this number at Eid Prayer, maybe because there are several small centers catering for prayer and this park was to accomodate all Muslims of DC and Maryland.

Things were really nice irrespective of all the rain coming down from heavens above. We could see muslims from every region of the world. As expected, people talking in Punjabi and Urdu were of more interest for my wife and kid on their first gathering among muslims. There were bazars with bangles, jewelry, and dresses from almost all regions. Then there was an area full of stalls serving all kind of Halal Food. You could any kind of food from region specific items to typical fast foods.

Some of the portions of the park were closed due to rain that was getting heavier every moment. All other areas were full of kids and elders alike. Most of the people were interested in rides involving some kind of free fall or all kinds of weird angles of hanging in the air. For us, Due to Armaghan, we enjoyed every ride bu just watching others and hearing them scream :)

By the way, did I mention that our rides in parks of Pakistan are more frightening then what they have got here? Seriously, couple of new rides in Joyland are too good to handle :)

Anyways, we could enjoy the train that circles almost all the park and we enjoyed heavy lunch and after all that we were ready to leave. These 9 hours, 6 in travel and 3 in park, were fun even without enjoying the rides in rain as everyone else was doing.

I really like the concept and efforts of ICNA/ISNA to arrange this kind of events to make muslims of US get closer to each other and know each other better. I hope to see more events like this in future but in less rain :)



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For past 2 months, just like the rest of my life, my kind has been influencing my life in all the ways. When I say my kind it definitely means “Humans”. Influencing my life like never before.

Some filling all the empty space in my apartment and my heart with all the happiness of the world. My sister’s wedding and then my wife and my son coming to US with me, those were probably the happiest days of my life.

Then there were some bringing lot of Fun and Joy, just a weekend but full of fun. Naeem and Family travelling 12 hours from Boston to Gaithersburg, just to have fun, that was really great:) Those 3 days are also a memory, a happy one.

And then, there are humans who leave us. Us, who are dearest to them. Never want to leave, never ready to go, Yet they leave us crying. Nothing they can do, and nothing we can. On Tuesday, they talk to us for hours. On Thursday, my brother calls me telling me that he is no more. All of a sudden, My Father-in-law left us crying in most desperate moments of life. Daughter still not able to believe that he is gone. Just after a month when she left home to come to this foreign land. She is broken and I am trying in vain to save her from tears and sadness. We both, knowing that we will not be able to be their ON TIME, were trying to figure out the fastest way of reaching back. I hate the distance between US and Pakistan and it has never been that far far away. I never felt so helpless in my entire life. Oh Allah, why do humans leave? Why the dearest ones? Why so early and why so suddenly? Why when we are so far away?

Among the ones bringing happiness and the ones being the tears in our eyes, there are humans of another kind. The ones who are there and we don’t feel how important they are.
Ones like my CEO Nandan, Who says me to do just as I want to. He knows that his product is going to suffer if I leave suddenly for Pakistan. But he also understands the gravity of the tragedy and the loss of my family.
My friend and colleague Mukta who, without spending a minute, came with me to my home after hearing the news. Who took care of my child when I managed to break this tragic news to my wife. Arranging the travel agent to facilitate us with the same night travel arrangements and then leaving us at airport in evening, she was everywhere supporting us.

And then there is Nitin. My friend, ex apartment mate and colleague. Saving money for his car, moving to his apartment in 2 weeks, and when he knows about tragedy, he offers me his everything. If it was not him, I could not even think about arranging the tickets for that night. Without waiting for a single word, without saying a single word, offering all of his savings, He proved himself to be more human than many around. I might be able to repay his money in few months but can I ever repay rightfully for what he did?

These two months made me realized many things in a much better details. I know the value of moments. Value of smiles and burden of tears, I’ve never understood better before. I don’t know how much life I have. But being a human, I don’t want to leave like humans do and I don’t want any one else around me to leave me. But I know I have no control over what’s nature and what’s written. But whatever time is left, I want to live it happily, with my Family, my friends and with humans.


And I moved :)

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Finally, after almost 4 months in US, I moved into my own apartment. Rented this apartment for its good shape, very good community and its walking distance from office.

Moving in was fun :) Daily spending hours and hours on craigslist, watching for garage sales, cheap furniture, electronics, etc…. Then emailing all the good offers and then knowing that everything that you want is sold and every time you are the lazy one…, seriously that was fun. I mean you just read a post, you email them and you know that you are few minutes late :)

Khair, I managed to finalize a dining table some how. Bed I finalized to get from my old place from Office. Crib and beddings for my baby I finalized to buy from my CEO. The worst and the most time consuming was TV. I could not find a single TV which was reasonably cheap and for which i was not late and still it was in a good working condition.

Got keys on Thursday and moved the Baby Furniture and Dining Set on the same day using my CTO’s truck. Actually he was helping me a lot in all the movement. That dining table, damn! it was HEAVY. I had to bring it up from basement alone and uffff, It was a pain. Once it was up, me and Nandan (my CTO and company owner) managed to fit it in the truck with all 6 chairs and a uniquely designed comfort chair. This chair was in for free and I like it too much.

Major part of shifting was due on Saturday. Decided to use a UHaul truck to move the bed and my luggage. My friends were there to help me. I took the electric instruments of Jan from the office to disassemble the bed. Took a toolkit from Hemant to finish it up. Nitin was there to help me disassemble and carry things out. And last, but not the least, was Mukta.

This wonderful girl has a wonderful car. Just like her, her civic is also small(looks so) but has a lot of potential which you don’t imagine in the first look. The way we managed to fit complete bed and two side tables in car, I never expected that before. Mukta advised me not to use the UHaul and try the cars instead. This saved me another 50+ bucks :)

Last trip included Hemant’s car as well and we could move the luggage with a heavy Futon Mattress.

After just putting it all at apartment, we left for lunch. Then had some other things to do. It was almost 9 PM when we got back. Muks and Nitin looked tired so I let them go and my self had another task in front of me.

I decided to do everything within that night. I assembled the best, then that heavy dining table. Then I had to disassemble the crib to move it in bed room and them assemble it back. After all was done I had dinner and slept (around 2 AM).

Woke up around 6 AM. After prayer, started with unpacking the luggage and arrange all the small things. By 10, I was done with everything. Apartment looked good with some furniture in it. Small, clean, spacious and organized… I like it.

Rest of the day was laundry. Afternoon, the couple with TV and DVD player reached. In 80 bucks, I had 1 mint condition Toshiba 20” FST CRT TV with a mint condition Panasonic DVD Player. Still, no cable.

Now the last thing for now is cable and internet. Comcast guy is coming in Morning :)


VSG and more…

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Almost 6 weeks since my last blog. Life was busy and a lot was happening. This week, however, something very big happened. Something that shook me completely on one hand but strengthened my faith on the other hand. I really thank Allah for guiding me and keeping me safe.

Vision systems group was the company that sponsored my visa. I knew that it was a consulting company and they place people on projects and they earn money from other companies and give a portion of that money as salary to their employee. When I joined them, I had few situations that turned me over and within my second week here, I was thinking about leaving them and making my own way. Among all other things that turned me over, the major factor was lie. They wanted me to modify my resume so that they can sell me better. They wanted me to include fake projects and fake durations. As a result, I had a 6.5 yrs of on resume experience comparing to my actual 4.5 years only.

Why would I do that? I am here to make a healthy yet honest living. Should I start it with a lie? I couldn’t handle it and tried a couple of things on my own. By the kindness and grace of Allah, within a week I was able to get my H1 transferred to an actual software company which hired me for whatever I am. It is true that I am getting a very low salary as compared to many of my friends, but I am happy that its an honest living and there are no lies involved.

And after 3 months, what happens? That company is under investigations for frauds and scams revolving around H1B visas and employments. More details are here: 

It is true that I am safe. It is true that this company might be getting what it actually deserves. But is that all? What about 1000s of consultants who work for that company? Are they still on payroll? What about 20s of consultants on bench (without pay)? Are they going to get a project? What about the people working on corp-to-corp contracts? If VSG goes down, are contracts valid? What about people who have their green cards in final stages? what about people who just got an apartment and were planning to bring family? what about people whose families just got their visa approved and were ready to join in?

Who is responsible for all these sufferings? ICE, who never took an action in all those years? VSG, who was doing this for so many years without any fear? Or my friends who were not lucky enough to get out of the bloody traps of the bastard parasites?

I hate these body shoppers and I really pray for all the people who are trapped by them. I disliked VSG when it was about me. Now I hate VSG when I see my friends upset just because of they are kind of trapped in to this situation that still has no clear ending.


Aik nazm naye saal ki sham…

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~*~Carry Forward~*~
phir saal ki akhri sham hui
phir waqt ki dor mein girha lagi

lo waqt hua phir gin-ne ka
gaye saal ki khushyon k lamhey
aur gayee ruton k sab aansoo
aur waqt ki kaali aandhi mein
hamen raah dikhatey sab jugnu

aur bhooley kaun sitaron ko
un naye puraney yaaron ko
jo her mushkil mein saath rahey
jo sab rahon per sath chaley

Aur iss ginti mein shamil hein
jo jaag k kaatin raaten sab
jo sajni se kin baaten sab
jo maan ney sunaayee woh lori
aur saari duaen behna ki
aur apney des se doori bhi
jo hijr bani, majboori bhi

ger tumko lagey k yeh sab kuchh
gaye saal k saath na reh jaye
to yeh sab kuchh
tum gin-na apni ungliyon pe
phir muthi ko bund ker lena
aur pehli subha naye saal ki ho
to khol k apni muthi ko
in sab ko bhi sath hi le chalna


Last 2 weeks…

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After Eid, It was same for couple of days. Days were busy in work but, when everybody goes home, I used to miss Pakistan and my home. And this was not only me. Every body, even ppl who are here for 10/20 years, cannot escape the memories of Pakistan and home on eid.

Khair, every spell is to break and every time is to end. It took a couple of days but finally I was back to normal.

Coming to what else has been happening around me, The most enjoyable one was my trip to Philadelphia on last weekend. I wanted to blog about that right away but thanx to DELL, I could not :) Will tell this DELL story later.

Trip to Philly

A very good person and my old friend, old only because of age :), invited me to visit him at his home. He is a very nice and very well educated person, definitely no match for an ignorant like me :)

So, Professor Joseph M. Scandura, who was inviting me to visit him since my first day in US,  finally made me agree on a weekend with him. This was the first time we were meeting so we were both very excited. I left from Gaithersburg at 0630 in morning. Reached chinatown of Philly around 1030. called him and he was there to pick me up in 15 minutes.

Philly is really an historical place but I did not have enough time to visit the places. He took the special route towards home to show me park and museum and whatever possible during that time. When we reached to his home, It was really good. That location and such a good house on top of a hill. It felt really good.

Alice, Joe’s wife, was there to welcome us. She looks much younger than Professor and is a pretty women. She was so like a typical mom worrying about what to cook for me and how was my travel and all that. She must be a very good mom, I can imagine that.

Having a butter cake with blue berries was nice. But the slice was too big to finish. And yes, It was heavy :) I enjoyed how much was possible for me. Alice told me that she’ll be cooking some veggie special Italian food just for me. I am not very good at trying new cuisines but could not say no to her.

When she left for some shopping at super store, Me an Joe had lot of chit chat. Including his research, world economy and situation of Pakistan, we discussed so many things. I also helped him setting up his scanner.

Then we decided to go out and walk around the streets. When we went out, Professor showed me his bike and I could not help myself from trying it. I was on a  bike after 10/11 years and it felt so good. So we both decided to take a hike on bike. He is very healthy for his age. There were places where I could not climb on bike but it was too easy for him.

It was almost freezing and surroundings were clean and beautiful. I enjoyed that bike ride tooo much. If I didn’t have to come back, I could spend a lot more time biking. It was mostly a hill station kind place in suburbs of Philly so perhaps you can imagine the enjoyment.

When we came back, It was almost 1600. Alice had the lunch kum dinnner ready for us And then the moment came. Toughest for me, trying a new cuisine, I finally choked. I could not eat that, It was too different to handle for me. I felt really embarrassed when I had to say it. She put a lot of effort in it and I kinda wasted it. I am really a bad kid :)

But then I had tuna fish :) Fried tuna fish, out of a cane, with black pepper sprinkled on top was tasty for me. So, I managed to kill some of my appetite.

They insisted a lot to make me stay over night but I had some promises with some friends for next day so I had to come back. He dropped me near bus at 1700 and rest of the trip was usual till I reached DC.

Some moments from my weekend at Philadelphia:

DSCN0117 DSCN0118

Thank you professor for such a good time.

On my way back to Gaithersburg, when I was to wait for RedLine metro at Gallery Place Station at china town DC, I visited the AT&T store there. I had some doubts in mind due to my short stay in US and not enough credit history, but still I asked them if I could get an IPhone 3G. To my surprise, they agreed to give me one :)

So, finally, I have an IPhone 3G and my own number now. Will think about writing some details about this gadget later.