And I moved :)

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Finally, after almost 4 months in US, I moved into my own apartment. Rented this apartment for its good shape, very good community and its walking distance from office.

Moving in was fun :) Daily spending hours and hours on craigslist, watching for garage sales, cheap furniture, electronics, etc…. Then emailing all the good offers and then knowing that everything that you want is sold and every time you are the lazy one…, seriously that was fun. I mean you just read a post, you email them and you know that you are few minutes late :)

Khair, I managed to finalize a dining table some how. Bed I finalized to get from my old place from Office. Crib and beddings for my baby I finalized to buy from my CEO. The worst and the most time consuming was TV. I could not find a single TV which was reasonably cheap and for which i was not late and still it was in a good working condition.

Got keys on Thursday and moved the Baby Furniture and Dining Set on the same day using my CTO’s truck. Actually he was helping me a lot in all the movement. That dining table, damn! it was HEAVY. I had to bring it up from basement alone and uffff, It was a pain. Once it was up, me and Nandan (my CTO and company owner) managed to fit it in the truck with all 6 chairs and a uniquely designed comfort chair. This chair was in for free and I like it too much.

Major part of shifting was due on Saturday. Decided to use a UHaul truck to move the bed and my luggage. My friends were there to help me. I took the electric instruments of Jan from the office to disassemble the bed. Took a toolkit from Hemant to finish it up. Nitin was there to help me disassemble and carry things out. And last, but not the least, was Mukta.

This wonderful girl has a wonderful car. Just like her, her civic is also small(looks so) but has a lot of potential which you don’t imagine in the first look. The way we managed to fit complete bed and two side tables in car, I never expected that before. Mukta advised me not to use the UHaul and try the cars instead. This saved me another 50+ bucks :)

Last trip included Hemant’s car as well and we could move the luggage with a heavy Futon Mattress.

After just putting it all at apartment, we left for lunch. Then had some other things to do. It was almost 9 PM when we got back. Muks and Nitin looked tired so I let them go and my self had another task in front of me.

I decided to do everything within that night. I assembled the best, then that heavy dining table. Then I had to disassemble the crib to move it in bed room and them assemble it back. After all was done I had dinner and slept (around 2 AM).

Woke up around 6 AM. After prayer, started with unpacking the luggage and arrange all the small things. By 10, I was done with everything. Apartment looked good with some furniture in it. Small, clean, spacious and organized… I like it.

Rest of the day was laundry. Afternoon, the couple with TV and DVD player reached. In 80 bucks, I had 1 mint condition Toshiba 20” FST CRT TV with a mint condition Panasonic DVD Player. Still, no cable.

Now the last thing for now is cable and internet. Comcast guy is coming in Morning :)

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