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For past 2 months, just like the rest of my life, my kind has been influencing my life in all the ways. When I say my kind it definitely means “Humans”. Influencing my life like never before.

Some filling all the empty space in my apartment and my heart with all the happiness of the world. My sister’s wedding and then my wife and my son coming to US with me, those were probably the happiest days of my life.

Then there were some bringing lot of Fun and Joy, just a weekend but full of fun. Naeem and Family travelling 12 hours from Boston to Gaithersburg, just to have fun, that was really great:) Those 3 days are also a memory, a happy one.

And then, there are humans who leave us. Us, who are dearest to them. Never want to leave, never ready to go, Yet they leave us crying. Nothing they can do, and nothing we can. On Tuesday, they talk to us for hours. On Thursday, my brother calls me telling me that he is no more. All of a sudden, My Father-in-law left us crying in most desperate moments of life. Daughter still not able to believe that he is gone. Just after a month when she left home to come to this foreign land. She is broken and I am trying in vain to save her from tears and sadness. We both, knowing that we will not be able to be their ON TIME, were trying to figure out the fastest way of reaching back. I hate the distance between US and Pakistan and it has never been that far far away. I never felt so helpless in my entire life. Oh Allah, why do humans leave? Why the dearest ones? Why so early and why so suddenly? Why when we are so far away?

Among the ones bringing happiness and the ones being the tears in our eyes, there are humans of another kind. The ones who are there and we don’t feel how important they are.
Ones like my CEO Nandan, Who says me to do just as I want to. He knows that his product is going to suffer if I leave suddenly for Pakistan. But he also understands the gravity of the tragedy and the loss of my family.
My friend and colleague Mukta who, without spending a minute, came with me to my home after hearing the news. Who took care of my child when I managed to break this tragic news to my wife. Arranging the travel agent to facilitate us with the same night travel arrangements and then leaving us at airport in evening, she was everywhere supporting us.

And then there is Nitin. My friend, ex apartment mate and colleague. Saving money for his car, moving to his apartment in 2 weeks, and when he knows about tragedy, he offers me his everything. If it was not him, I could not even think about arranging the tickets for that night. Without waiting for a single word, without saying a single word, offering all of his savings, He proved himself to be more human than many around. I might be able to repay his money in few months but can I ever repay rightfully for what he did?

These two months made me realized many things in a much better details. I know the value of moments. Value of smiles and burden of tears, I’ve never understood better before. I don’t know how much life I have. But being a human, I don’t want to leave like humans do and I don’t want any one else around me to leave me. But I know I have no control over what’s nature and what’s written. But whatever time is left, I want to live it happily, with my Family, my friends and with humans.

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