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My New Camera

OK, as it is shipped now, I can tell you about my thanksgiving shopping. I bought a $179 camera in $99 from CircuitCity including a free photo printer. Its a Nikon Coolpix P50. Prooof of purchase… Here it is:

Nikon P50

After leaving my D50 at home and having this old, small camera with me, I was not very much into photography anymore. Now I have this till I get my D50 back from home. I hope this improves some things.

So, After getting it out of box, I did what I was supposed to do. Took a couple of photos in Office. Uploaded photos on Flickr, Couple of shots here:

Comments??? Dont know what title suits here...

Our Kitchen Sink

We came back from office and it was not easy to stay in kitchen. All that water in sink and that smell…. Nitin tried very hard to make it go away and guess what I did. I took a photo :)

Man with the tool

 Silver Spoon

And then we decide to have our favourite aaloo paratha once more. Destination was usual, The Silver Spoon. I like this place. Its almost a month since I started eating there almost regularly. This time, having camera with me, I could take some shots on the inside. Couple of shots are below, rest on Flickr.

Silver Spoon decore Menus in the mirror

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so long, so good…

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Few reflections from recent past….

Purchased a Nikon D50 to quench my thirst for photography. But frankly, I haven’t got time to utilize it at its fullest yet.

Next important thing, as a matter of fact the most important thing, that happened was the birth of my Son on May 26, 2008. Armaghan Ali is his name and it means a Gift from Ali. Some of his pics can be found here.

In the mean time, economical conditions of the whole world has been getting worse and Pakistan is no exception. Techlogix, being a perfect workplace in many ways, is not a good place to get paid. This year we expected some high raises but it was just like old days. My visa for US kept delaying for several months but got approved in August finally.

After visa, 2 months passed so quickly that I couldn’t imagine. Ramadhan and Eid, both passed swiftly and it was time to leave.

So, That’s the story before I left for US… Will post the rest later.

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