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Long Weekend, Thanks 2 Thanksgiving

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Wednesday was much different from normal mid-weeks. It felt like Friday… No, It felt better than Friday. And I left the office before 1800 :)

Everybody is either leaving for somewhere or expecting someone to come. All you can hear is planning the thanksgiving and weekend. Even in our desi team, Nitin is already gone and Muks leaving in morning. While leaving the office, had a small conversation with Christina and as expected, she’s also leaving. She asked me about my plans and then I realized that I still have no plans finalized… Wow, what a preparation for 4 days:)

Its Wednesday evening and me still thinking to finalizing something. Then time shifted my focus when I realized that I have to make something for dinner. Hmmmm, back to cooking and its time for “more” experiments. Lets try cooking the rice traditional way… but hey, no onions at home… OK, lets try without onions. Took almost an hour, but it was fine. After eating the dinner, browsing the Internet, I saw something of my interest. I didn’t know that Thanksgiving comes with a season of sales and bargains…. And some of them are tooo good. I also decided to spend some of my hard-earned cash :) What I purchased??? Will blog about that later, after I get the item.

Its around midnight. Thursday is coming and I have no plans and still can’t sleep. Again, lets try something more with cooking. Go downstairs, cross the street, get to Giant and bring onion and potatoes. That’s what I did. Cuz If I have these two things, I can try a lot :) It was almost morning when I was making “chakli aaloo”. And it was also very tasty.

Talked to my wife in morning, then made aaloo andey and finally managed to sleep around 0900. And then I was sleeping till evening:)

Its Thursday evening and I suddenly say, WTF, I have to get out. I can’t stay like this for 4 days. Called Akif and Kamran. Finalized the plan and I am all set for coming day.

Friday, after Friday prayer, went to silver spoon (my closest and favorite eating place), had a delicious aaloo paratha and packed one for coming time. Had 57 to Shady Grove, RedLine to Washington DC, Chinese Bus to NY, NJT to Edison NJ and finally a taxi to guest house. At 2130, I was at the guest house.

After a tiresome journey, Night was calm and fun. Had some discussions with Akif and Abdul. Some chit chat with other mates too. It looks like almost every body has an idea about my current status. There were no clear discussions though.

Saturday morning was a pleasant one. I walked for more than an hour on streets around guest house only because it felt so good. Some how, That place feels like home. After all, I’ve spent two very good weeks there and found the best of people at that place.

As per plan, Kamran was there finally and me, him, Akif and Abdul went for lunch. It was a party from my side for my current status. It was also the first transaction on my credit card in US :)

Me and Akif had to leave for Maryland. Akif actually decided to accompany me till Baltimore on same bus as he also had to visit relatives. We had to rush towards Jersey to be on PATH for 33rd street.

Before getting on PATH, in Jersey City, We offered our Asar prayer. There was a Masjid and we rushed to join the prayer. I don’t know the reason but this prayer felt real good. I felt very calm and satisfied after the prayer.

Getting on PATH, getting out at 33rd street and then walk (or I should say run?) towards Penn Station was all a rush. It was really hard to catch that chinese bus but we did it. Finally we left on the bus from famous Fashin Street of New York for Maryland.

Saturday Night was not a very good start on the roads. NJ TurnPike and 95 were all jam packed. Initially we expected that after Delaware, it may lighten up a little but It remained the same till Baltimore when we reached there around 2200. After that, roads were not that much crowded.

Every time I travel with these chinese buses, especially on way back to Maryland, something “not good” is to happen. This time, After all the traffic, when we finally reached DC, Driver lost his way to get out of DC. For some time, He was going in circles. Once he figured out, how to actually set for Rockville, there was one more thing. Another chinese guy was kind enough to tell that he has missed his DC stop. And then, driver was kind enough to go back to DC to drop him. A couple also dropped there out of frustration caused by this whole scenario. And when we reached Rockville, it was almost 0000.

Sunday, I slept all day and then could not sleep at night. I knew that its a call on early morning but still could not sleep till 0400.

Monday morning: Just finished the call and this long story of long weekend is also complete. Posting it right away.

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And it slowed down… But, It’s good

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Last 3 weeks were nothing but an adventure. A lot has happened. Switching companies, updating bank accounts, first pay, paying bills, sending money to home, etc….

And now, life is real slow suddenly. It’s calm all around. No more worries about ‘things’. Just wake up, have breakfast, go to office, work till evening and come back to room, dinner, movie and back to sleep. Not to mention, Its getting really cold out there. Did I tell you that this Friday, Maryland had its first snow?? I think I did. Here are two photos in front of office:

First Snow in MDFirst Snow in MD2

So, to spice up the life a bit, I decided something. And on the weekend, I bought a Rice Cooker :)

It was -3 Celsius this Saturday when we, me and Nitin, were heading to walmart. All packed in jackets, we had to wait for bus. I had my mini camera with me but it was too cold to handle the camera. Still, Nitin managed to take a shot while I am waiting for bus at stop.


After getting that rice cooker, we’ve made rice only once but I’ve fried eggs twice :) Really, Since I left the NJ, I was missing the eggs too much. Here we don’t have stove so could not fry anything. But after cooking rice, suddenly i thought to give it a try for eggs and it worked ;)

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US: First week

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First week is over and a lot happened. In all, all was good.

How many people on H1 visit NewYork on their first day and have fun all day? That was my first day. Me, Rauf, Kamran and Akif Left before mid-day, Thanks to Kamran’s ride. We visited Interpid, walked along Hudson and had Gyro as lunch/dinner. It was a great day, especially for me. Found very good peploe to make friends and had lot of fun… All on first day :)

Second day was my first working day at Office. Still not out of jet-lag, I feel dizzy when I have to feel fresh and I feel hungry at odd times. Had meeting with HR for some formalities, rest of the day was long and boring. Coming back to hostel, Rauf had rice saved for me. He cooks real good. I assigned him to teach me how to cook rice. Thanks to Rauf again, had chicken at dinner.

3rd day was boring too, had chicken again, nothing new or interesting.

4th day, Wednesday, I decided to cook rice with the help of Rauf. While cooking rice, I noticed that salt was missing from kitchen. And the jar that, I always thought, contained salt was actually sugar. That’s when I knew that I am putting sugar in my omlete in daily breakfast. So the strange taste, that I felt for 3 days, was due to sugar :)

Thursday, we visited wall mart and i was nto expecting it to be that far. Eventually, when we came back, my feet were killing me coz of the fastest walk I ever had in life. Reason was the time of call that i committed to family back in Pakistan.

Friday, Vikas also got project. So not only Rauf but he will also be starting on project from monday. But Rauf has to move to Boston. Rauf and Vikas both threw a party. Indians had Alcohol and we had soft drinks. Had lot of fun. And then, at 00:00, it was birthday of Vikas. This day ended very late.

Also, Thanks to Kamran, I got my cell phone connection on Friday. As he was moving to AT&T, he was kind enough to give me his T-Mobile. Not only connection, i inherited his stana card account too. Talking about inheritance, my room is also inherited from him. So, now I am thinking about his job and car :)

Rauf had to leave on Sunday so Saturday was busy for him. Me and Kamran also spent evening with him to facilitate him for certain things. At the end, we had veg pizza, from rauf. They say its totally halal.

Sunday, early morning, accompanied Rauf to MetroPark. It was freezing out there. While coming back, Sun was trying hard to warm the surroundings. As it was sunny, I decede to walk to hostel from Edison station. Rest of the day was all about sleeping, cooking and eating.

By the way, I never cooked in my life but during this first week, I cooked 4/5 dishes and, apart from some small casualties, all were good :)

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