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US: First week

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First week is over and a lot happened. In all, all was good.

How many people on H1 visit NewYork on their first day and have fun all day? That was my first day. Me, Rauf, Kamran and Akif Left before mid-day, Thanks to Kamran’s ride. We visited Interpid, walked along Hudson and had Gyro as lunch/dinner. It was a great day, especially for me. Found very good peploe to make friends and had lot of fun… All on first day :)

Second day was my first working day at Office. Still not out of jet-lag, I feel dizzy when I have to feel fresh and I feel hungry at odd times. Had meeting with HR for some formalities, rest of the day was long and boring. Coming back to hostel, Rauf had rice saved for me. He cooks real good. I assigned him to teach me how to cook rice. Thanks to Rauf again, had chicken at dinner.

3rd day was boring too, had chicken again, nothing new or interesting.

4th day, Wednesday, I decided to cook rice with the help of Rauf. While cooking rice, I noticed that salt was missing from kitchen. And the jar that, I always thought, contained salt was actually sugar. That’s when I knew that I am putting sugar in my omlete in daily breakfast. So the strange taste, that I felt for 3 days, was due to sugar :)

Thursday, we visited wall mart and i was nto expecting it to be that far. Eventually, when we came back, my feet were killing me coz of the fastest walk I ever had in life. Reason was the time of call that i committed to family back in Pakistan.

Friday, Vikas also got project. So not only Rauf but he will also be starting on project from monday. But Rauf has to move to Boston. Rauf and Vikas both threw a party. Indians had Alcohol and we had soft drinks. Had lot of fun. And then, at 00:00, it was birthday of Vikas. This day ended very late.

Also, Thanks to Kamran, I got my cell phone connection on Friday. As he was moving to AT&T, he was kind enough to give me his T-Mobile. Not only connection, i inherited his stana card account too. Talking about inheritance, my room is also inherited from him. So, now I am thinking about his job and car :)

Rauf had to leave on Sunday so Saturday was busy for him. Me and Kamran also spent evening with him to facilitate him for certain things. At the end, we had veg pizza, from rauf. They say its totally halal.

Sunday, early morning, accompanied Rauf to MetroPark. It was freezing out there. While coming back, Sun was trying hard to warm the surroundings. As it was sunny, I decede to walk to hostel from Edison station. Rest of the day was all about sleeping, cooking and eating.

By the way, I never cooked in my life but during this first week, I cooked 4/5 dishes and, apart from some small casualties, all were good :)

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