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NJ to MD, A tiresome journey

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Decided to visit a couple of friends in couple of states before I get my SSN. I thought to start my journey from Maryland and then visit Boston and Philadelphia before coming back after a week. But that’s not what I’ll be doing anymore. Read below to know why…

Right now I am in Gaithersburg, Maryland. To reach here from Piscataway, NJ I decided to use the following route: Edison Station —using NJ Transit—> Penn Station NY —Using chinese bus—>Rockville MD. Route was fine and cheap but I did not count the biggest mistake that I was about to make :)

Yes, I made a grave mistake when I thought to keep all my luggage with me during the trip. Oh my God, how I forgot that my suit cases are HEAVY. Carrying around 46 KG in 2 suitcases without wheels or any cart and then having 10/15 KG on my shoulder in laptop bag…. Uff, that was hell. Walking out of Penn Station was the toughest time of my life.

Adding insult to injury, Chinese bus was over booked and i could not get into the buss going to Rockville. So, without thinking much, I got into the one for Washington DC.

Before Baltimore, we saw the Rockville bus standing beside the road due to some big problem. So, I reached DC at 10:45 PM. There when I told them that I was to go to Rockville instead of DC, they told me that how lucky I was. And they told me to wait for the other bus, that we saw in our way. When that bus came to DC, they moved me in and I was finally coming to Rockville.

At 00:45, When I reached Rockville, my friend was waiting for me to pick me up. Went to his place and crashed in a room that he managed for me. By the way, his place and the room he arranged for me is too good.

I am feeling too tired to leave from here tomorrow or the day after. I am so tired and the room is so good that I am planning to chill here for the week. However, I’ve decided that even if I have to complete my trip as per plan, I will not carry my luggage anymore. Will leave it here, this room is secure anyway.

Attaching some photos of the room for interest:

DSCI0028 DSCI0029 DSCI0030 DSCI0031

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