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Last 2 weeks…

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After Eid, It was same for couple of days. Days were busy in work but, when everybody goes home, I used to miss Pakistan and my home. And this was not only me. Every body, even ppl who are here for 10/20 years, cannot escape the memories of Pakistan and home on eid.

Khair, every spell is to break and every time is to end. It took a couple of days but finally I was back to normal.

Coming to what else has been happening around me, The most enjoyable one was my trip to Philadelphia on last weekend. I wanted to blog about that right away but thanx to DELL, I could not :) Will tell this DELL story later.

Trip to Philly

A very good person and my old friend, old only because of age :), invited me to visit him at his home. He is a very nice and very well educated person, definitely no match for an ignorant like me :)

So, Professor Joseph M. Scandura, who was inviting me to visit him since my first day in US,  finally made me agree on a weekend with him. This was the first time we were meeting so we were both very excited. I left from Gaithersburg at 0630 in morning. Reached chinatown of Philly around 1030. called him and he was there to pick me up in 15 minutes.

Philly is really an historical place but I did not have enough time to visit the places. He took the special route towards home to show me park and museum and whatever possible during that time. When we reached to his home, It was really good. That location and such a good house on top of a hill. It felt really good.

Alice, Joe’s wife, was there to welcome us. She looks much younger than Professor and is a pretty women. She was so like a typical mom worrying about what to cook for me and how was my travel and all that. She must be a very good mom, I can imagine that.

Having a butter cake with blue berries was nice. But the slice was too big to finish. And yes, It was heavy :) I enjoyed how much was possible for me. Alice told me that she’ll be cooking some veggie special Italian food just for me. I am not very good at trying new cuisines but could not say no to her.

When she left for some shopping at super store, Me an Joe had lot of chit chat. Including his research, world economy and situation of Pakistan, we discussed so many things. I also helped him setting up his scanner.

Then we decided to go out and walk around the streets. When we went out, Professor showed me his bike and I could not help myself from trying it. I was on a  bike after 10/11 years and it felt so good. So we both decided to take a hike on bike. He is very healthy for his age. There were places where I could not climb on bike but it was too easy for him.

It was almost freezing and surroundings were clean and beautiful. I enjoyed that bike ride tooo much. If I didn’t have to come back, I could spend a lot more time biking. It was mostly a hill station kind place in suburbs of Philly so perhaps you can imagine the enjoyment.

When we came back, It was almost 1600. Alice had the lunch kum dinnner ready for us And then the moment came. Toughest for me, trying a new cuisine, I finally choked. I could not eat that, It was too different to handle for me. I felt really embarrassed when I had to say it. She put a lot of effort in it and I kinda wasted it. I am really a bad kid :)

But then I had tuna fish :) Fried tuna fish, out of a cane, with black pepper sprinkled on top was tasty for me. So, I managed to kill some of my appetite.

They insisted a lot to make me stay over night but I had some promises with some friends for next day so I had to come back. He dropped me near bus at 1700 and rest of the trip was usual till I reached DC.

Some moments from my weekend at Philadelphia:

DSCN0117 DSCN0118

Thank you professor for such a good time.

On my way back to Gaithersburg, when I was to wait for RedLine metro at Gallery Place Station at china town DC, I visited the AT&T store there. I had some doubts in mind due to my short stay in US and not enough credit history, but still I asked them if I could get an IPhone 3G. To my surprise, they agreed to give me one :)

So, finally, I have an IPhone 3G and my own number now. Will think about writing some details about this gadget later.

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First birthday in US

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First SMS I got was from my brother, about 9/10 hours before the actual 4th December here in US. He was quick enough to wish me according to Pakistan time. And, he was the first one. Thank you Umar :)

10 minutes before 0000, I was chatting to my family and getting birthday wishes and prayers. This was a very good start of the day. Thank you Ammi, Apa, Asmara and Armaghan :) Love u all.

All night, I was almost awake. Talking to family on phone or net in intervals. Morning was, as usual, cold but still was feeling good. I got order of the day from family to use all their gifts today. So, I unpacked my new dress, shoes, cologne and wallet. When I was ready for Office, And was chatting with my family for the last time before leaving for office, that’s when I missed them the most. Not only them but I missed being in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, my birthdays used to be a lot of fun. Not only family but celebration with friends and treats and small surprises and lot of fun, that was the all that I was missing. I was thinking about how this day will be in US.

Entering the office, I shook all that off my head and decided to make the maximum out of the day using whatever is available. So, first thing I did was testing the timer function of my new Nikon P50 and taking my own pictures.

DSCN0046 DSCN0049

At that moment I did not know that there is more to this day waiting for me. Every one at office knew about my birthday, from office record maybe, and wished me. This wishing and thanks stuff was going for the initial part of day. Also, got a lot of wishes from friends all around the world on Orkut, Facebook and email. Thanks to all:)

Rest was a normal working day at office. Till 1600 at least :)

At 1600 in evening, Nitin asked to have a look on the bug. I was going to his room but he kept going further. I thought, maybe I have to look at some other dev machine. But when he passed the last dev room, I could smell that something else was cooking.

And there they were. Everybody from office with smiling faces, waiting for me, with a cake and candles on it. So this was surprise of the day and this was really a good one. Nothing that I was expecting at all. So then there was this formal candle blow, cake cutting and all that cheering and wishing. Not to forget the birthday card signed by every one.

Cake Blowing the candles Birthday cut

Cake was really good. Normally I don’t eat cake but this was an exception. I tried a small piece and it was too good. Everybody enjoyed it. Time for some more photos

Anil Muks and NitinMukta Jan and Hemant Christina

And finally, thanks to Christina’s tripod, there was this group photo.

Idealstor Family

Thank you all for making this day a memory :)

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My New Camera

OK, as it is shipped now, I can tell you about my thanksgiving shopping. I bought a $179 camera in $99 from CircuitCity including a free photo printer. Its a Nikon Coolpix P50. Prooof of purchase… Here it is:

Nikon P50

After leaving my D50 at home and having this old, small camera with me, I was not very much into photography anymore. Now I have this till I get my D50 back from home. I hope this improves some things.

So, After getting it out of box, I did what I was supposed to do. Took a couple of photos in Office. Uploaded photos on Flickr, Couple of shots here:

Comments??? Dont know what title suits here...

Our Kitchen Sink

We came back from office and it was not easy to stay in kitchen. All that water in sink and that smell…. Nitin tried very hard to make it go away and guess what I did. I took a photo :)

Man with the tool

 Silver Spoon

And then we decide to have our favourite aaloo paratha once more. Destination was usual, The Silver Spoon. I like this place. Its almost a month since I started eating there almost regularly. This time, having camera with me, I could take some shots on the inside. Couple of shots are below, rest on Flickr.

Silver Spoon decore Menus in the mirror

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